CrowdHandler is incorporated in the UK.

Our VAT number is: GB 359 8527 43

The following rules apply in relation to Value Added Tax.


If your business is incorporated in the UK, you must pay VAT at the point of payment. All GBP prices are displayed and billed + VAT. Please don't pick GBP if you are not incorporated in the UK.

You can log into the Account section at any time to retrieve your VAT invoice, which reflects your account billing. In order to show your VAT number on the invoice please ensure your VAT number is entered into the tax ID field in the Account section.


If your business is based in the EU then we do not charge VAT at the point of sale, however you are responsible for 'collecting' and 'remitting' VAT to your local VAT authority. This is known as a Reverse Charge. We are responsible for confirming that the transaction is business-to-business. Please enter your European VAT number to allow us to assess this. And also, please note that CrowdHandler is only available to businesses.

Rest Of World

Since CrowdHandler is based solely in the UK, we assert that the supply of business services is happening in the UK and that therefore no other sales taxes are due to the best of our knowledge. However you are responsible for understanding your local, state and federal sales tax laws and paying any sales tax that may fall due based on the rules in your territory on a reverse charge basis.