Can I pay in another currency?

Currently we support billing in USD, EUR and GBP. We're unable to handle other currencies at this time.

We primarily support GBP because we're based in the UK and it makes it easier for us to manage VAT with UK-based clients.

We support USD and EUR and GBP as it allows us to provide stable pricing on a small number of currencies. If in doubt, please pay in USD and rely on your credit card to do the currency conversion.

Can I pay by bank transfer / invoice ?

We will allow payment by invoice if you commit upfront to 12 months of a paid plan. We will raise a pro-forma invoice, and this will be applied as a credit to your account on receipt of payment. Please email to arrange.

Is there a charitable discount available?

Yes. If you are a registered non-profit, and you pay 12-months up-front we will apply a 15% discount. Please email with details of your charitable / non-profit status.