Introduction to the API

CrowdHandler provides a RESTful API in JSON format. There are two types of methods:

Public API

The public API is used to validate users on your website. You can send a token and url to receive details on the user presenting the token. The response will tell you if that user is pre-cleared for access to the url, or whether they should be redirected to a waiting room. Other methods are used to register the performance of the page to allow CrowdHandler to monitor the performance of your domain.

Public methods are accessed using a public key, which is unique to your account. 

All plans, including the starter plan provide access to the public API.

The Public API is not rate-limited other than by the ingress rate for your domain. 

Private API

The Private API is used for managing your account, your domains and your waiting rooms. It provides access to all features that are available via the admin panel, so that you can handle them programatically. 

Private methods are accessed using a private key which is unique to your account.

Only some paid plans provide access to private methods. 

The Private API is rate limited based on your plan. Rate limits start at 100 calls/minute.

Accessing your API keys and the documentation:

Your API keys, and the documentation are both accessed via the Admin Panel. Select Account > API.

Now you're ready to start Stepping through an API integration.