Our team is here to assist with any issues related to the CrowdHandler application and plugin. However we cannot provide more general WordPress support or investigate conflicts with other plugins, themes, server settings or the WordPress installation itself. We cannot access your WordPress dashboard or make changes to your server.

If you are facing complex issues with your WordPress site, we recommend disabling the CrowdHandler plugin and installing the JavaScript integration as a fallback. This is especially important if you are in an urgent situation and need to resolve issues quickly.

To request support for CrowdHandler on WordPress, follow these steps:

  1. If the plugin is interfering with the correct operation of your website, try removing the CrowdHandler WordPress plugin and using the JavaScript integration instead.
  2. Login to your CrowdHandler dashboard
  3. Raise a ticket using the help widget

This will allow us to quickly access your account and apply your support service level agreement (SLA) to your request.

If you think you have found a bug with the CrowdHandler WordPress plugin, please file a support ticket from your dashboard using the steps above. We welcome all bug reports, whether they are related to the plugin or CrowdHandler itself.

If users are reporting being bounced back to the queue, the most likely explanation is that the plugin is not running on the page the users are being redirected to, but is running on a subsequent page. This will cause the plugin to lose the user's token during the handover from waiting room to site. This could be due to caching conflicts or redirect rules that are running before our plugin. This article talks more about the causes of queue regression.

WordPress Multisite

The CrowdHandler WordPress Plugin is compatible with WordPress multisite, however overriding index.php is known to cause issues if you have multiple CrowdHandler accounts associated with the multisite installation.

CrowdHandler accounts have their own public api key and overriding index.php will cause any multisite domains using another CrowdHandler account to use an invalid api key.

If you have a single CrowdHandler account and are protecting all domains on your multisite installation you are safe to enable override index.php.