This document outlines our support policy in regard to WordPress and WooCommerce installations.

We love WordPress. 

Since 2003, WordPress has been helping teams to get their ideas, products and services online. WordPress has lowered barriers to doing business online, but it’s also grown in complexity as a platform. That complexity means that no two WordPress projects are the same, even if they have the same content management system at their core; themes, plugins, server set-ups, and WordPress versions all intersect to create complex and unpredictable scenarios. 

The beauty of WordPress is that it hides its complexity from site owners. However, when something doesn’t work as expected, it can be difficult to work out why.

What we can support

We only support the CrowdHandler application and the CrowdHandler WordPress plugin.

What we cannot support

We cannot provide more general WordPress support. That means that we won’t investigate issues with other plugins, your theme, server settings or WordPress installation.

We cannot access your WordPress dashboard or push changes to your server.

Self service is the quickest route to success

From a site owner’s point of view, the CrowdHandler WordPress plugin is the simplest way to add the best level of protection to a site. From a systems point of view, the JavaScript integration is the simplest Implementation of CrowdHandler, and so we recommend it as the default fallback when issues are encountered. 

We know that some CrowdHandler customers are trying to add a queue once demand has already hit them—when they’re in a defensive mode, or when they’re fire-fighting an ongoing traffic spike. This is a high pressure situation where every moment counts, so it can be frustrating if you can’t get a queue to work. We will respond within your SLA. We always advise testing CrowdHandler in advance.

How to request support for WordPress

If your website is entirely unresponsive, please remove the CrowdHandler WordPress plugin. You can try the JavaScript integration instead.

  1. Login to your CrowdHandler dashboard
  2. Raise a ticket from the help widget

This will ensure that we can quickly access your account, and this will apply your support SLA to your request.

I think I found a bug with the CrowdHandler WordPress plugin

We welcome any bug reports whether these are for our supported plugin or CrowdHandler itself. Please file a support ticket from your dashboard, as outlined above.