This step will guide you through setting up an EdgeWorker, uploading the CrowdHandler integration bundle and activating it. 

  1. Log into your Akamai account.
  2. Open the side navigation and select the EdgeWorkers product.

  3. Select "Create EdgeWorker ID". 
  4. Configure as Follows.

    Name -CrowdHandler
    Group - Your Group ID
    Contract ID - Your Contract ID
    Resource TierDynamic

  5. Click Create. 
  6. Click on the ID of your newly created EdgeWorker. 
  7. Click create version button.
  8. Download the latest Integration code bundle.
  9. Click the upload file option and upload the integration code bundle that you downloaded.
  10. Click "Create Version".
  11. Click the ellipsis under the actions column and select "activate version".
  12. Activate the latest version on your chosen stage environment.
  13. Continue to Step 2 - Associate EdgeWorker with property

Activating the EdgeWorker will have no impact on your application/site until it has been associated with a property and deployed.