If you've already worked through our Getting Started guide and installed the CrowdHandler Javascript integration you can skip this step.

1.) You can find instructions on how to install the CrowdHandler Javascript Integration here.

Why do I need to do this if I'm integrating CrowdHandler in Akamai?

To ensure that the CrowdHandler Akamai EdgeWorker executes as quickly as possible, functionality not considered mission critical is offloaded to the clientside via our Javascript Integration. 

If the functionality isn't mission critical can I skip this step?

Theoretically yes, but practically we recommend against it. Installing the Javascript integration enables features such as page performance tracking and smart session keep alive.
The former is a requirement for our autotune feature to work correctly in addition to providing visibility into how your application is performing under load.
The latter synchronises session information between the clientside and CrowdHandler's backend preventing recently active user's that have spent longer than the configured CrowdHandler session time from being sent to CrowdHandler's session validator for revalidation needlessly. 

I can't/don't want to install the Javascript Integration. What should I do?

We recommend reaching out to our support team via our support form. A CrowdHandler integration specialist will be able to talk through your specific use case and advise.

I've done all of the steps. What Now?

You've completed the integration setup. Great job! Check out the "What Next?" section of the Akamai Getting Started Guide for guidance on how to proceed.