Our integration guide is tried and tested but you may still encounter errors when setting up for the first time due to a number of factors, typically setup mistakes (i.e. typos) or issues relating to conflicting interactions between your Akamai environment and our EdgeWorker (i.e. firewall rules). For this reason we always recommend integrating on a staging environment first time around.

If you do encounter errors that you think are related to the integration, you can help the CrowdHandler team debug by taking the following steps.
  1. Using the Akamai Identity and Access Manamagent service, create a CrowdHandler API client that has access to the EdgeWorker service. It is not necessary to give this client permission to access any other services.
  2. Provide your CrowdHandler support contact with the generated API client credentials.
  3. Your CrowdHandler support engineer will provide you with a special debug key. Add this to your property as the value of property variable EW_DEBUG_KEY.
  4. Add the CROWDHANDLER_DEBUG_MODE property variable with a value of true.
  5. Activate the new version of your property and inform your CrowdHandler engineer.
  6. Your CrowdHandler engineer will now be able to surface diagnostic, EdgeWorker information when making requests to your protected web pages.