Typically, a single request to a protected URL triggers the following events. 

  1. 1x onClientRequest event
  2. 1x onClientRequest subrequest
  3. 1x onClientResponse event

Execution Statistics

Based on rounded averages collected from a 1000 end-user request sample size.

  1. Total Memory Usage - 150Kb
  2. Worker Initialisation time + Worker Execution Time - 10ms

Strategies for Reducing EdgeWorker Hits

  1. Configure your property to only trigger the CrowdHandler EdgeWorker on domain paths that require protection. For example if an average user journey hits 8 unique URLS, you may only need the CrowdHandler EdgeWorker to execute on a small subsection of these URLS, i.e. the entry point URL that customers are being directed to on your site. Consider consulting with the CrowdHandler support team ( to help optimise protected routes.
  2. Ensure that static asset file extensions i.e. css, js, png do not trigger the CrowdHandler EdgeWorker. These file extensions will automatically be ignored during execution but by excluding them at the property level they will not trigger unnecessary EdgeWorker hits.