1. Navigate to the Apps and sales channels screen in your Shopify settings then hit the Develop apps button.

  2. Hit Create an app.
  3. Name the app CrowdHandler then create the app.
  4. Hit the Configure Admin API scopes button.

  5. Find and select the read_inventory and read_products permissions then hit save.
  6. Go back to the overview screen and hit Install app.

  7. Reveal your token and take note of it. The token format will begin shpat_
  8. Navigate back to the CrowdHandler control panel. Copy the Webhook URL displayed on the ShopifyJS deployment screen for the domain you are configuring.

  9. Navigate back to Shopify and go to the webhooks screen. You can find this by going to Notifications -> Webhooks. Configure two webhooks as shown in the screenshots below, ensuring that you replace the placeholder URL with your real webhook URL that you copied fro the CrowdHandler control panel in step 8.

    Cart Creation
    Cart Update
  10. Once saved, a webhook signature will be revealed.
  11. Make note of the signature and navigate back to the CrowdHandler control panel.
  12. Enter your Shopify Access Token (step 7) and Shopify Webhook Signature (step 11) then hit install. Once the installation is successful, the next step will be shown.