The website you are trying to access is protected by CrowdHandler.

CrowdHandler analyses user sessions and IP addresses and blocks those displaying unusual behavior to prevent fraud and deter hackers. This process cannot be 100% accurate and sometimes innocent users are blocked. We apologize if this has caught you out.

The type of behavior that may result in a block is:

1. VPN use. VPNs may be blocked entirely, or may use IP addresses that have been implicated in fraudulent behavior by other users. If you are using a VPN you should try disconnecting and reloading the page. This is the most likely cause of a block.

2. Excessive connections. If you, or others, are connecting to the website from your IP address using multiple devices or browser tabs you may have exceeded the session count considered reasonable from a single IP address.

3. Unusual behavior. If you have been engaging with the website for an unusually long time, hitting pages unusually quickly or refreshing certain pages obsessively, you could be identified as display anomalous behavior.

4. Geographic location. CrowdHandler does not geoblock countries, but if you are connecting from a location that looks unusual for the typical traffic to the site, then this will amplify other factors that may mark out your traffic as unusual.

What should I do?

1. If you are using a VPN switch it off.

2. Blocks are usually temporary, especially if triggered by unusual behavior. Try again later.

3. Check your unique token in the footer of the CrowdHandler block page. You can report this to the site owner, with more information and they should be able to unblock you.