What is CrowdHandler?

You're seeing our Virtual Waiting Room Queue Page because the website you're trying to access is being protected by CrowdHandler - a software service that prevents server crashes and ensures fair access to limited products like tickets, merchandise, and more.

Why am I in the Queue?

During high-traffic periods or product launches, websites can become overwhelmed with visitors, leading to slow performance or crashes. To avoid these issues and provide a seamless experience, the website owner has implemented CrowdHandler's Virtual Waiting Room Queue.

This queue system holds your place in line until the website has enough capacity to serve you, ensuring you can access the site smoothly and securely when your turn comes up.

What Should I Do?

A. Want the Product? Wait in Line: — If you're eager to book, purchase, or register for the sought-after product or service, simply wait in the queue. You'll be able to complete your transaction when your turn arrives.

B. Not in a Rush? Come Back Later: If you're not in a hurry, you can leave and return when the website traffic has subsided.

Important Notes:

  • CrowdHandler is a Virtual Waiting Room service and has no control over the products or services being offered on the protected website.
  • If you encounter any issues after passing through the queue, it likely indicates a problem on the website owner's end, such as an overestimation of their traffic capacity or an integration issue. Unfortunately, CrowdHandler cannot assist with these situations directly.

Get CrowdHandler for Your Website

Impressed by the seamless queuing experience? CrowdHandler's self-serve Software as a Service (SaaS) solution can be easily integrated into any website or application. Visit https://www.crowdhandler.com to learn more and sign up today! Our lite tier is free.