How do I control access by IP?

Go to domains and click on the shield icon to manage access by IP.

What’s the difference between pass, block and ignore lists?

Users connecting from IPs on the pass list will bypass the waiting room automatically. You may want to add your sales and support teams to the pass list.

Users connecting from IPs on the block list will be refused access. They will not get a queue position, or be able to access URLs protected by a waiting room.

Users connecting from IPs on the ignore list, will be treated like any normal user. The purpose of the ignore list is to stop trusted IPs from being auto-blocked, and to provide you with a place to note trusted or notable IPs without taking immediate action.

How does an IP become auto-blocked?

If Crowdhandler sees more than 20 live connections from a single IP then that address is automatically added to the block list. If you wish to prevent this from happening to trusted IP addresses (perhaps your own network or trusted customers) you should add those IPs to the ignore list.