What’s the difference between multi-use and single-use codes?

Single use codes are unique, and can only be used once by one user in the queue. Once a user enters the code it will be removed from the pool for other users, and will move that user into the priority queue. The CrowdHandler control panel can generate batches of unique codes, or you can upload codes you’ve created from your CRM system, which could be used to identify known individuals in the queue.

Multi use codes are like offer vouchers. Anyone who knows the code can use it, and will move into the priority group when entering it. This is good for publicising priority access via social media or email.


Do priority users skip the queue?

Practically perhaps, but it's a bit more subtle than that. When entering a priority code, users actually move into a priority queue. Think of it like priority boarding at the airport. CrowdHandler’s core job is to protect your domain at all costs. If you allowed unpredictable numbers of users to skip the queue entirely you run the risk of overwhelming your site, making the queue pointless. Priority users get promoted ahead of standard users. Like priority boarding, each group goes in order, and you control that priority by dragging your groups into order in the control panel. So practically speaking, if you have a small number of priority users they will skip the queue. Even if they don’t skip the queue instantly on entering the code, they will at the very least see their position go down significantly as they join a smaller queue.

Will the low-priority users see their queue position go backwards as higher priority users skip in front of them?

No. They may even see their position go down! Priority users do not move to the front of the queue, they join a different, priority queue, which means the lower-priority queue actually gets smaller.

Can Priority users get through the waiting room before the queue activates?

No. Priority users cannot enter their code until the queue is active.