You can find further information about our compliance with GDPR in our Privacy Policy located at

Please note that the CrowdHandler waiting room does not transmit or store personal data except for the following cases.

1. IP addresses and browser information are analysed for firewall and anti-fraud features. IP addresses and similar device fingerprints may be cross-referenced with third-party fraud databases and grey-lists. However, CrowdHandler Ltd. makes no attempt to correlate IP addresses with personally identifiable information (i.e. by correlating with ISP data) unless compelled to do so by legal authorities.

2. When setting up single-use promotion codes, you may be able to identify users in the waiting room by distributing tracking codes. In this case, you should take care to ensure that the codes are not usable by third parties or us to identify individuals (e.g. email address, tax identification number or similar).

3. When using our DNS implementation, depending upon what personal data you may transmit via your website or application, then personal data may flow through our network. We use AWS to proxy traffic, and have no visibility into the traffic.