Not too sure what some of those phrases on the Plan mean? Here's a handy list of definitions:


This is how many unique domain names your Plan supports. Unique domains include subdomains, so:

Would count as 4 domains.

Ingress Rate

This is the maximum rate, measured over a minute, at which your domains can accept new users from CrowdHandler. You can think of this in more than one way:

1. If your domain name has one waiting room protecting all traffic to your domain, this would be the maximum rate at which users can leave that waiting room to be redirected to your site. (If you have more than one waiting room operating simultaneously on your domain then the rate is balanced across those rooms based on demand.)

2. If the website at your domain is operating as normal, it's the maximum rate of inbound users that your website can handle before it needs to queue users. So if you are running an ingress rate of 60, then the 61st user to visit your site over a one minute period would be sent to a waiting room to wait.

This is the maximum rate allowed by your Plan for each domain. You can set the actual rate on a domain-by-domain basis.

More help understanding the rate.

Waiting Rooms

This is a count of how many Waiting Rooms you can set up in your account. All rooms within this limit can be active simultaneously. If you no longer require a waiting room you can delete it and add a new one, up to this maximum limit.

Waiting Room Capacity

This is the total number of users you can have queueing at any given time across all your Waiting Rooms and domains. You get to apportion the capacities of each Waiting Room under your control. So you can put all your eggs in one basket and put all your capacity in one room if you're an occasional user. Or you can split the capacity where you need it if you need to run simultaneous queues. When a room reaches its capacity, new users will see a message letting them know that the room is full. But they are able to wait until the room empties a little to receive a queue position.
What happens if the room is full?

Custom Templates

If there's a tick in this box, you will be able to upload or link Custom Templates on your Plan. Each Waiting Room can use a different Custom Template if you wish. If your Plan does not have this feature you will still be able to upload your own logo.


If your plan supports ReCAPTCHA you can require users to complete a CAPTCHA in order to access the waiting room.


If your Plan supports Autotune, you will be able to have CrowdHandler set your ingress rate, by analysing the performance of your web pages. You will need to use one of our integrations in order to supply performance information.
Using Autotune.

Priority Access

If your Plan supports Priority Access you will be able to set up VIP priority access lanes, using single-use or multi-use codes. More about Priority Access.

IP Control

If your Plan supports IP control you will be able to block, promote, or ignore users from IPs that you register.
More about IP Control.

Full API

If your Plan enables full API access, you will be provided with a private API key, and access to API documentation that will allow you to control everything in your CrowdHandler account via the API. If this box is not ticked, you still get access to a public API key and documentation that will help you to integrate your website with CrowdHandler to verify the users visiting your website. Getting started with the API.

Anomaly Detection and Threat Blocking

If your plan supports these advanced security features you will be able to automatically block IPs that are known threats, and block the IPs of sessions that exhibit anomalous behavior. More about anomaly detection.


Two Factor authentiction for admin panel users is supported using apps such as Google Authenticator. More about 2FA.

DNS Implementation

If your Plan supports DNS implementation, you can skip server-side integration and validate all of the traffic to your website by routing your traffic through our reverse-proxy. This requires a DNS change, and is subject to reasonable-usage data limits, which vary based on your Plan. Setting up DNS Implementation.

Support Response

Support is delivered via our support portal, where you are able to submit a ticket for support. We guarantee response times based on your Plan. More about support.