What happens if several of my waiting rooms match the same URL request?

It would be possible to have the same URL trigger a catch-all waiting room, a room that matches on a string, and a regular expression based waiting room. Or for two regular expressions or two contains to both capture the same url. In this case, which room does the user get sent to?

The answer is that the last room to open wins

This is based on the room opens date, and this is usually exactly what you want. If you want a room to trigger on a particular URL at 9am on a Friday morning, then you want that to take over traffic from any catch-all room that is active at the time which happens to match your url.

When you look at the room list in your admin panel, they are ordered in date opens order. And by default rooms are set to open on the days you create them. So in most cases, the url precedence will naturally work as you would want.

We believe this is less likely to cause confusion than to order precedence based on a preferred arbitrary order, which could prevent expected behavior from happening when rooms open. If you want to force some unusual url triggering behavior, you can manipulate the room opens dates but this would be the exception rather than the norm.

This behavior means that it is also possible to set up a sequence of waiting rooms that 'take over' from each other at specified points. For example, you can program waiting rooms to match the same URLs but start at different times to set up a rudimentary time-slot system.