Waiting room capacity is a key feature of the plan you choose. If your plan supports more than one waiting room, you can divide the capacity between rooms as you see fit.

Many customers wish to know what will happen to users if a room is full.

When a room is full will users be sent to my website?
No. If the waiting room is full, users will see the waiting room, with a polite message saying that the waiting room is currently full and to try later. You can edit the messaging as part of your template.

This message will be cached for 5 minutes, but if the user stays on the page and a position becomes available they will be assigned a position. Positions will become available as users are put through to your site, but if demand to your site continues to outstrip your rate, it may be difficult to get a position.

Can I upgrade my plan when a room is full?

Yes. For the best user experience, we recommend picking a plan with plenty of capacity, but it is possible to upgrade a plan when a room is full, and assign more capacity to a room. It may take up to 5 minutes for all users to stop seeing the room full message.