CrowdHander's waiting rooms are designed to be robust but what happens if a user fails to check in with CrowdHandler's api?

This is a rare occurrence but there are reasons why this could happen. There could be a temporary network issue in a data centre or on an internet backbone, for example.

By default CrowdHandler is configured to trust the user if the process of making the API call fails.

This is what is meant by Trust On Fail. If the Waiting Room fails then CrowdHandler trusts the user and sends them on their way.

If you are using the JavaScript deployment integration that's all you need to know but with CloudFlare, AWS CloudFront and custom API integrations you have the ability to manage this setting.

When Trust On Fail is set to false the user will be sent to a CrowdHandler safety net waiting room until CrowdHandler is able to make a decision about what to do with them. The waiting room is a default waiting room template defined by CrowdHandler but you also have the ability to define your own waiting room by supplying the slug of an existing waiting room.

However this isn't always the most favourable behaviour and it will depend on your particular requirements. If, for example, you have a single one-off waiting room for a specific timed event then setting Trust On Fail to true may well be preferable.

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