What is a whitelabel waiting room?

By default, most CrowdHandler integrations will redirect users that need to be queued to the wait.crowdhandler.com domain. Once users are promoted from the queue, they will be passed through to your domain.

If you'd rather users not be sent to the wait.crowdhandler.com domain, and want to queue users on your own domain instead, you can enable the whitelabel feature when working through setting up your integration of choice.

How does it work?

Instead of redirecting users marked for queueing to wait.crowdhandler.com, they will be redirected to a special path on your domain - /ch/.

For example, if CrowdHandler has been set up to protect www.example.com, users will be redirected to and queued at www.example.com/ch/

Do I need to change anything in my application?

No. Our integrations take care of everything. You don't need to create a /ch/ route in your application.

Why not make Whitelabel the default option?

While we always recommend planning well ahead, our integrations are designed to be plug and play and quickly installable in an emergency situation. Depending on the integration type, enabling whitelabel waiting rooms may require some additional configuration effort, increasing the time it takes to get CrowdHandler up and running.

Which integrations currently support whitelabeling?