The easiest way to test the waiting room is to set the rate to 0, confirm that new users see the waiting room, and then raise the rate, and confirm that those users are put through. Take a look at our getting started guide.

Can you generate a lot of traffic to test everything for us?

There's really no point, our product is used in the wild every day so we know it works, and will keep the traffic off your site. You should do a functional test as described to make sure the waiting room engages properly, then you're best just picking a conservative rate and raising it carefully based on your actual site performance on the day.

Can I run my own load test?

We may agree to facilitate a load test so long as

1. We are given plenty of notice

2. You are paying for a plan that is consistent with the volume of traffic you wish to test

3. You share your test plan and scripts

4. Your proposed test does not violate the terms of any third party (for example, AWS or CloudFlare).

Running a load test without prior approval is against our terms of service. Assisting in facilitating a load test may occur additional charges.