Available on Standard, Plus, Professional and Enterprise plans

For customers who use CrowdHandler to control access to a limited edition product, Stock Availability dramatically improves your drop. You'll find Stock Availability when you add or edit a room.

To enable Stock Availability check ‘Show Stock Availability’ and enter the quantity into the ‘Availability’ number field.

These can also be set using the API or automatically updated using our Shopify integration.

You can update the number manually at regular intervals during the on-sale. Or you can write an integration to update the stock status via our API once per minute, for example.

The stock number will be inserted into the template, and you can modify the language around it to make sure users waiting in the queue understand how it’s related to stock levels.

You can also add a dedicated ‘Sold Out’ message to let your customers down gently when availability reaches 0.

<section class="ch-section ch-hide" id="ch-stock">
    <p id="ch-stock-available" class="ch-hide">Only <span id="ch-stock-value"></span> bottles available</p>
    <p id="ch-stock-unavailable" class="ch-hide">We’re all sold out, sorry please come again next time!</p>
If you created a custom template before we launched this feature (in other words, if you downloaded and customised our standard template before we added the Stock field), you will need to update. To do this, download the standard template from the admin panel, find the new stock field tags, and add them to your custom template.

If you wish to prevent over-selling, you can use our One in One Out feature in combination with stock tracking, to only allow as many people onto your site as you have remaining stock items.