Available on the Plus plan or higher

Email me allow your users to submit their email address and be notified when they have progressed through the queue, allowing them to get on with their lives, maybe make a cup of tea.

You can specify individual rooms to allow email notifications.

And you can customise the message that the user will see in their email.

There are a number of placeholders that will be substituted when the email is composed.

At the very least you will need $domain$urlRedirect?ch-id=$token as this is the link that the user will follow to get access to your page.

Email addresses are only saved for the purpose of emailing the user. When their position is promoted the email address is removed from our system.

The standard template has terms that the user has to agree to in order to supply their email and on the Plus plan and higher you have access to custom templates enabling you to specify your terms.

<div id="ch-email-terms" class="ch-hide">
    <p>Your email address will be stored temporarily to notify you when your queue session ends. It will only be used for this purpose and deleted immediately after.</p>
    <p>See crowdhandler.com/privacy for details.</p>