The CrowdHandler service currently only operates in English. However Waiting Rooms can be localised on the following basis:

1. Custom templates

Templates are simple HTML files in UTF8 character encoding. You can create your template content in any language you like. There are no system messages injected into the template, all default terms, labels and error messages are defined by the content in your template.

More about templates

2. Waiting Room content

The titles and messages in your rooms are stored in UTF8 character encoding and can be in any language.

More about editing room content

2. Dates and Times

Dates in your control panel are displayed in your localised timezone. They are stored in UTC format (and will come back from the API in UTC format). In the Waiting Room, dates are displayed in the timezone and locale format of the end user. If we are not able to reliably detect a locale from the user's browser then queue activation dates are shown in countdown format only.