The number of active users displayed on the dashboard graph is the number of users that have moved through the waiting room and have access to your site without re-queuing.

You may find that this is different to the number reported by your analytics service and this is to be expected because they are not reporting the same thing.

The number of active users displayed is determined by the session timeout setting in your domain settings.

We use a session timeout default of 20 mins because we play it safe with your users. This will create a notably larger ‘active’ user count, but it’s an accurate count of the number of users who do have the ‘right’ to access your site according to CrowdHandler

Google Analytics is widely understood to use a session timeout of 5 minutes for their count which will result in a significantly smaller number which is not 100% accurate.

If you want to align the numbers better you can reduce the session timeout to 5 minutes. This will also make your queue move faster if you are using 1 in 1 out. However, this does come at a risk. A user who goes to make a cup of tea may return to find themselves back in the queue!

If you want to install google analytics in your waiting room, and you have a custom template please read this article

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